Monday, June 15, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Home sweet home"

The Cambridge ring were initiated into the world of secrecy and lies and contempt for average people because they started as a homosexual, or in Philby's case pan-sexual, cabal. In the intervening 75 years discrimination against homosexuals has been officially repudiated with the NY Times of Pinch Sulzberger and Frank Rich leading the charge. One argument for changing official standards is that making people less susceptible to blackmail might actually improve security.

Once I met Admiral Bobby Ray Inman who confirmed to me that when he was in charge of the National Security Agency and it was reported to him that a young man had engaged in practices that could cost him his security clearance the Admiral had the person brought to his office. The Admiral, in front of witnesses, handed the young man the telephone and said "Call your Mother and tell her what you are." After the painful phone call ended the Admiral said to the employee, "Good, now you can't be blackmailed. Get back to work."

However the emotional and cultural standards of Olympian disdain for the common herd that marked aristocratic homosexuals, an expected attribute of any closed sub-culture, has now spread into the larger culture of the educated and professional classes. This sense of superiority is needed for membership in the vanguard groups that socialist enterprises rely on. That is what permits them to experiment on the rest of us like we were laboratory mice. People like The Clintons or the metrosexual poseurs who man the Democratic Party do not get drawn into politics to cover for their sexual peccadilloes, except possibly in Hillary's case. They take sexual license as a perk that comes from their membership in an elite devoted to power.

Myers is an amoral devotee of the machine. His fantasy was to be the quiet friendly little man behind the curtain controlling the belching machine of the Great and Powerful Oz.

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