Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Bearly true"

These cultists are practicing the methods of Leninist party control within the academic community. Has Daniel Hannan heard about this? Taxpayer money is expended on these conferences and the schools and foundations that employ these people.

But the Ursus is noble and authentic and deserves respect. We can reach it if we learn to listen and it will unclench its fist. Go on give it a hug and look up at it with real big eyes. Go on, you first.

Many years ago a tribe of happy Physicists received a Messenger from their King. He was a mighty lord who went by the unpronounceable name of NSF, which proved how mighty he was. The message proved how kindly their King was and said "Investigate the Unified Field Theory." Even better attached to the message was a nice thing called a Grant. So all the happy physicists retired to the Field of Brookhaven where they fed the Grant to their fetish object an enormous beast that was known as the Accelerator. Soon the mighty creature began to hum and many lights dig blink and there was a clattering of teletypes, for the thing was ancient and did still punch cards. A great sheaf of paper, green it was, came forth bearing numbers. Now these were various and strange and some interpreted them one way and some another and a few would hold them and the punch cards up to the light and see pretty patterns. But soon the babbling of Interns did cease as they perceived the great stillness emanating from where their Lords did assemble. Fellows were they and Fool Profusers and they wielded Tenure. As soon as the stillness had spread it was followed by a murmur that rose to a babble and then almost to a roar. The elderly among the Fellows gestured wildly with their pipes and the Interns stared about amazed and with wild surmise. For the chamber echoed with the cry,"We got it. It all fits. We have proven It.!"

The most senior of the Fellows nodded and heard his colleagues but learned and wise in the ways of things that deliver and consume the Grant and having passed the ordeals of peer review he spoke. "We must do it again and yet again. Three sets the Journal shall demand before we may publish."

And at that moment all went dark.

Three days later they found and replaced the fuse that had failed but they could never duplicate the experiment.
It took God 72 hours to rebuild the Universe and rewrite his laws to get around them.

John de Beer,
sheer perversity
I want the Trademark on that. It is a natural for a line of Ready to Wear and Accessories.
We’re all going to get rich!

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