Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Bang for buck"

Marie Claude,
(who defended the Honor of France by questioning America's motives)
Badly argued. All the whining and petulance and lashing out to say You're Another or Bush-Cheney-Rich means nothing. It is what we call "flinging poo" to distract when there is no argument. Saddam bought the French government, among others. Deal with it. The corruption runs deep and Sarkozy is trying to peel it back a little. He will be fought at every step and traps will always be prepared for him to step in. He is not from Mars so he had to be around as shady deals were made. Hopefully he sees that it is in his interest and France's to try to make things better. If you want to understand the strange creatures called the Anglo-saxons then understand that in addition to all the wheels within wheels and commercial links the arguments about Democracy and Sovereignty and Law and Liberty and Civilization and humanity and everything else that men of all political parties, Bush and Reagan and Kennedy and FDR, and Churchill and Gladstone and Disraeli and Burke and many more talked about are very real to us. When all is said and done then we are very capable of planning and executing a policy like the Invasion of Iraq in the expectation that it will change the dynamics in the future. Without knowing the results in advance, without relying only on pure Cartesian Logic, we can have faith that if the present is unacceptable then the future can be made better. The games model here could be pool, that is pocket pool and not billiards. Bush executed a good break and without certainty as to the results in advance he showed sufficient skill that some of the balls are starting to drop into the right pockets.

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