Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comment on LGF
"Video: Tehran Street Scene"

When people are fighting totalitarians it does not help to point out that the only available locus for them to rally around is imperfect. It can be seriously flawed even but what we need to consider is that the very act of rebellion build a space for liberty to grow. Let us support Mousavi and not criticize him while the Iranian people use him as a tool to rally against Ahmadinejehad. Once the currently dominating forces of repression are weakened we can then focus on the next problem. Keep your eyes on the prize. As long as we do not allow ourselves to fall into the error of supporting someone even worse then we should be OK in championing the opposition to the governing tyrant. The perfect should not be the enemy of the sufficient and we should ensure that we do not enable the merely sufficient or even undesirable to fall to the benefit of the truly dangerous and evil.. When we (that is Carter) withdrew support from the imperfect Shah the did not consider that Khomeini would be far worse. When people say that we should accept the current illegitimate leaders in Iran because the only alternative on the stage is also linked to hateful or antagonistic doctrines they are similarly short sighted.

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