Friday, June 19, 2009

Comment on LGF
The politics of crisis"

The Left believes that saying something until the masses believe it is Reality. To them if CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS say it then it is true. They believe that we must believe that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world's or that Michelle Obama is beautiful and stylish or that Barack Obama can create wealth with words because they say so. Whether they actually believe any of these things themselves is beside the point. Unfortunately for them there are more audiences and voices then they can control. The students in Iran are like the small boy in the fable. and the boy is yelling that the Emperor has no clothes.

(who asked for a definition)
"Aggressive Diplomacy" refers to conditions demanding extraordinary efforts outside of standard diplomatic practice. Therefor rather than relying on normal diplomatic staff to communicate the interests and concerns of the US government special representatives and dedicated staff are dispatched. The willingness to undertake exceptional sacrifices, such as booking a contingent of transcontinental First Class seats on short notice, in itself demonstrates the importance that we attach to the issue of concern. These special emissaries will go even further to establish their aggressive posture. Frequently they will forego wearing neckties altogether and wear a simple DoS polo style (available online or by order in a range of colors) short sleeved shirt under their jacket.

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