Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comment on Theo Spark, Donald Douglas:
The Left Escalates Blame Game Over Arizona Shooting

Theo Spark: The Left Escalates Blame Game Over Arizona Shooting

This is an active investigation of 6 murders and 14 other shootings that includes the murder of a US Judge and the attempted murder of a Member of the US Congress. Therefore it has both Federal and Local jurisdiction. It shocks me that The United States Attorney and the State Attorney General did not both have the Pima County Sheriff, who reportedly failed to follow up on reports that Loughner was dangerous because the assassins mother is a government employee, yanked off stage when he began shooting his mouth off. The loudmouth was issuing his opinions regarding the shooters motives with the Director of the FBI, who reportedly has never overseen a Crime Scene Investigation, sitting on stage behind him. It will be the duty of the Defense Counsel to move to get charges dismissed based on the misconduct of the presiding Sheriff over the investigation.

The Obama administration has already made a hash out of the terrorism trials. Now if they and their partisans lose control over an open and shut case we may see a truly lawless society begin to emerge.

The Old West was actually a generally peaceful and, being an armed society, polite place. Most weapons were used if at all for shooting snakes that threatened horses. That made sense given the high value placed on a trained horse and explains why one of the most serious crimes a person could be accused of was being a horse thief. The New West may stretch from one end of the country to another but it is looking to be divided lawless and dangerous place.

In two years the Democrats have engineered a government that fails to guard the border, announces its intent to disestablish the military in the face of aggression, refuses to prosecute voter fraud and intimidation, destroys hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth to no productive end, prevents States from responding to disasters and throws tens of thousands out of work, destroys businesses and work, foments hate and bigotry, is staffed by tax cheats, and fails to administer basic functions competently. When challenged or faced with failure their response repeatedly has been to double down and resort to character assassination against their opponents.

Here we have a simple if horrific case. A lunatic managed to kill a large number of people. All that needs to be done is to ensure a proper and competent processing of the evidence and dignified trial while assuring the nation that care will be taken to both protect individual rights and see how we can better detect and intervene to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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