Sunday, January 02, 2011

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The Ten Most Annoying Commercials of 2010

Pajamas Media » The Ten Most Annoying Commercials of 2010

The Geico commercials are less offensive than most, they do not actively insult their customers or imply that you are buying from lunatics. Just a genial goofball boss, which is what many pray for.

The Green-fascist auto ad was truly disturbing. If half way through a mob had turned on them and started to beat the gestapo down while the Audi escaped it would have shown him as less noble but at least the aftertaste would have been less offensive. Sixty-five years is to soon for Germans to advertise this way. That holds double for a unit of the original Kraft durch Freude People's Car Company, Volkswagen.

The AT&T ad evoked Christo's public art kitsch shtick. Like with the Duke and The King in Huckleberry Finn no one wants to admit they're a rube who got conned, until everyone else has been conned.

Asking $40 for sweat pants is brass that would impress Jubal Harshaw.

Notice that not every man is shown as an emasculated loser. The black guy with the white wife and a car in his $3,000,000 house does not look likely to carry a purse.

The Staples ad has vanished.

I have no idea what the Mayflower ad was about. The skill of the handlers is admirable and I hope that Macy's calls them for Thanksgiving.

Perhaps there is no tasteful way to mass merchandise jewelry. My guess is that Costco is killing the mall outlets at the low end. During a recession/depression those striving to prove they really still have it will move to conspicuously consume luxury goods. So the high end will benefit for a while.

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