Sunday, January 09, 2011

Comment on Moe Lane, Redstate:
A day may come… (Clearing the Field)

A day may come… | RedState

The majority of what is said by the Left in politics, and a minority of what is said on the Right, is not designed to win a debate in the formal sense. That is to say that they do not seek to make an argument as defined by establishing a series of logically connected points backed by relevant evidence in order to support a conclusion or ideally convince their interlocutor of a position. They seek to drive their opponent from the field. To do this they will resort to any tactic, including threats and abuse. If you become so disgusted that you depart then they have won. Once they have unchallenged control over the forum then they can establish as Truth anything that they want.

The tactic is used by children or passive-aggressive manipulators. It is functionally the same as that of a disturbed derelicts on the subway who cultivate an offensive body odor and disheveled appearance while muttering rude or vaguely threatening things to themselves. Even ostensibly functional people, of the fearless lower classes, will sometimes say rude comments to themselves or a companion that are not formally directed at another passenger who is clearly being referred to.

In all these cases the intent is the same. It is to get other people to simply go away.

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