Monday, July 07, 2008

Comment on Michelle Malkin 07-07-2008
"Annoying Platitude of the Day"

On July 7th, 2008 at 9:02 pm, Lifeofthemind said:

T. Sowell
The best the government can do is stay out of the way while other people create products, jobs and prosperity.”

There are functions that the Federal government can properly perform that can help the economy grow.

It is certainly within the rightful power of the people as represented by their government to define who is a citizen and who is a guest or an intruder and what the legal consequences of each status are. Clarity on these issues is essential for managing growth and avoiding needless costs to business or local communities.

Providing honest and predictable law enforcement and courts can reduce the risk of engaging in business and encourage entrepreneurship. The arbitrary and corrupt practices in Russia and other 3rd world states inhibit growth.

The provision of properly trained and disciplined forces that protect the nation from invasion and deter or punish aggressors as well as ensuring the freedom of peaceful commerce and navigation are a proper function of the federal authority. They also help create conditions that permit growth.

Issuing a sound currency and coinage encourages trade and commerce. It is reasonable that the government act in this field. A reasonable standardization of weights, measures and regulations between distant states or between the United States and foreign nations also is a proper role for the government.

A certain role for the government may exist in defined infrastructure improvements that encourage trade and communication.

These are of course the powers enumerated in our Constitution. We have a federal republic, not an anarchy, and the close attention of the government to its proper powers can create the conditions for growth and prosperity.

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