Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Comment on LGF 07-08-2008
"Relatives of July 07 Suicide Bomber Have a Party"

#263 lifeofthemind 7/08/2008 8:43:10 pm PDT
Terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals frequently arrange, or act in the knowledge that their families will arrange, elaborate memorials. At one time a plurality of the cocaine dealers in NY came from two towns on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Those towns I once read are the sites of unusually impressive cemeteries, as well as homes with impressive satellite systems.

It should be the policy of civilized nations that memorials to criminals of above average size or distinction shall be destroyed whenever possible and without prior warning. Remove incentives and you may get better behavior. In Israel they reasonably have the attitude that if you destroy people and property then the state will destroy your house. Gives everyone a reason not to encourage sociopathy.

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