Sunday, July 06, 2008

Comment on LGF 07-06-2008
"Dubai: Slavery's New Mecca"

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re: #294 Sharmuta

       I'm disgusted by this entire story, but to hear there are western servicemen
       supporting this is just sickening.

Now don't be naive. Military communities of young men away from home support prostitution, always have and always will. It was as wrong in Hawaii and the Philippines as it is now in Tiajuana and Thailand and in Dubai; it exists. Some feminists can make a case that all such relations, including pornography, are inherently about power and are a form of violence to women. They overstate the case by not setting boundaries so the reductio ad absurdum is reached that all relations including consensual marriage are really a form of rape. Some then even find themselves supporting prostitution as somehow more honest. At this point sane people throw up their hands and leave the gross materialists babbling in their psuedo Marxism. It is a good idea to point out to the troops the economic realities that drive women to act more friendly than a young enlistees charm may justify. That may help prevent some bad doomed marriages. The level of coercion involved in Dubai is probably an order of magnitude greater than that in Thailand and the troops need to be made aware of that. It should be a command briefing requirement.

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