Saturday, July 26, 2014

Comment on "Instapundit: 'THIS SEEMS RIGHT: Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas.'"

It is tempting to urge Israel to destroy every structure in the Gaza strip and expel 1.8 million people. For over 60 years, that is for three generations, the people of Gaza have been comprehensively indoctrinated to hate and kill Jews.

The only people who have been subject to as thorough a level of control by a regime with a more dangerous and delusional perception of reality may be the North Koreans. While NorK artillery is within 35 miles of Seoul the proximity of Gaza to Israel and the concentration of hostile forces shielded by UN facilities and civilians and the billions of dollars in aid that is promptly diverted to waging war all make Gaza even more dangerous.

If the people of Gaza were not complicit in the crimes of the Hamas regime then they would be welcoming the Israelis as liberators, as did the people of Lebanon when the Israelis first invaded there. As it is the Israelis owe the civilians of Gaza no more consideration than the allies did to the people of Germany and Japan in 1944-45.

So why not clean Gaza out and bulldoze it flat? There is only one reason. The hostile dangerous and even deranged population, almost two million of them, would flood first into Egypt and then into Europe and the Americas. Everywhere they go death and destruction and tyranny would follow. The Israelis are accused of treating Gaza like a prison camp. If only they did. Unless the whole population could be moved to some isolated and deserted island it is best to keep them where they are. What is needed is for them to be reoccupied and controlled and then deprogrammed from the ideology of death. That would take at least another three generations. The only alternative is one the Israelis would reject. That would be to do to the people of Gaza what the people of Gaza would do to the people of Israel if given a chance.

These are the only five choices that Israel has.
1. Status quo. Continue playing whack-a-mole while simultaneously supplying electricity concrete medicine and other resources to Gaza followed by occasional punitive expeditions. Over time the technical resources available to the terrorists and the threat will increase. This strategy will inevitably lead to WMD equipped missiles being launched at Israel from Gaza.

2. Surrender, will lead to the extermination of the Jewish people in Israel.

3. Destroy Gaza and exterminate the Gazan people. That will not happen.

4. Destroy Gaza and expel the people. That will only spread the problem and create more chaos.

5. Reoccupy Gaza and reeducate the people over several generations.

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