Friday, July 04, 2014

A Garden of Stone

Today I visited Cypress Grove National Cemetery. The National Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York City. Not another living soul was there.

Most of the Civil War era markers have just a name and the home state, a rank sometimes and a unit. The more recent markers usually include dates and a cross. A few have the Star of David.

There are stories here that deserve to be told. Lest we forget.

There are couples here. This is a place of love.

This lady waited over 52 years to join her husband.

Some are to poignant to need elaboration. "Our Hero" was 16 years old.

A portion of the National Cemetery is collocated within the nearby but separate private Cypress Grove Cemetery. The Guard kindly drove me the distance from the entrance to that area. There are also old Jewish sections within the larger Christian cemetery, which is unusual. There is an NYPD memorial section adjacent to the largely Civil War government graves. Within the National Cemetery area some of the graves are for Confederates. Did they die in captivity near here during the war? Their graves and those of the Union soldiers are mingled. Those boys are far from home but now they are all together as Americans. Today perhaps some would object to honoring those who served in the CSA by placing them in a National Cemetery. What were we fighting for if not to say that they belong here?

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