Saturday, April 07, 2012

Proposed: A Unified Campaign Theme,
"Reality vs. Obama"

The 2012 GOP campaign against Obama must above all be focused. It must constantly remind the public that Obama at his core stands for beliefs and policies that are divorced from reality. This video should be the centerpiece of the campaign. It should be shown constantly until every American is familiar with the message. Obama destroyed good cars that would have had value to poor people to send taxpayer money to overpaid cronies and wealthy people. Obama destroyed wealth.

The car represents the power and industry and creativity and most importantly the desires of normal Americans and millions around the world who desire to be like us. The car is a living thing. You can see and hear it fight for its life. It has over 200 years of American history behind it. It has a hundred years of industrial development within it. Obama destroyed the creation of American labor and ingenuity and strength that fought to live.

Obama is "The Cash For Clunkers" Candidate.

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