Sunday, April 08, 2012

Comment on Daniel Hannan, Telegraph Blogs:
"And after we've left the EU…"

And after we've left the EU… – Telegraph Blogs

Just who will be in the Anglosphere Union? You mention the UK US Canada Australia and Ireland. The old Dominions on the gates of Buck House are Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Wouldn't India be a wise addition, and if them then what about Japan? Below you point out that Argentina has in the past been closer to the UK than parts of the old empire were. Would the Irish join? Would you want South Africa with their corrupt racist tribalist collectivist politics? If you don't keep out the RSA then how do you keep out Nigeria? If you don't keep out Nigeria then what's the point?

What is needed is an alliance of those who respect the rule of law and what were called the "Rights of Englishmen." If it were to be the  first 5 listed, and maybe New Zealand, despite their horrible fantasy insular politics that makes Little Englanders look savvy, and India then would we want some kind of currency union? Isn't that a slippery slope to where we all are now?

Could the new union imitate the US Federal Reserve? Instead of a top down monstrosity like the Euro just add a few regional banks controlled by the local banks and indirectly subject to multiple levels of inspection. The US dollar may look the same everywhere and be legal everywhere but it is really issued from 12 regional centers that are largely independent and responsible for keeping the local economies working.

Could the new union be open to Iceland and Denmark to reward them fro trying to tell the EU to get stuffed? The original US Articles of Confederation included an invitation to Canada to join any time they wanted. That never worked out. Perhaps though the new union could include or really be achieved by adding half a dozen more regions to the Federal Reserve system.

Maybe a bottom up system starting with and built on a better currency scheme than the Euro is what is needed. The Euro was an intrusion from the top that destroyed a locally managed free trade system. Perhaps by replicating or even joining the American currency system, flawed as it is and needing inspection and reform, you could square the circle of local control and open trade. We all need to get back to our roots before the Centralizers took over.

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