Saturday, August 14, 2010


Roast turkey on cranberry bread, 3.5" pear tart, Creamline™ chocolate milk, mango juice drink. The juice wasn't from Fairway. Usually I pick up the world's best pot pies there and, not in the Summer for some reason, good reasonably priced blintzes.

This cruise ship got underway while I was eating and motored, nobody uses steam power anymore, past Governor's and into the Narrows. Thanks to decades of government assistance we no longer have an American Merchant Marine that could move our troops in an emergency.

Not to worry though, the Democrats are eliminating the armed forces that would have embarrassed them by looking for transportation. The US Navy is smaller than it has been in over 90 years. Once the unilateral draw downs from Iraq and Afghanistan are done the Army and Air Force troops will be discharged, and watched as possibly dangerous proto-terrorists, with the encouragement of sympathetic TV plots about troubled veterans. It isn't just the US, the UK is reducing the Royal Air Force to WW-I size.

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