Sunday, August 08, 2010

Comment on Facebook | Rachel Sargent
"The fact is that we have always ..."
- Martin Kite Powell on abortion

Facebook | Rachel Sargent "The fact is that we have always outlawed murder because it was immoral. To say something is murder and then not to outlaw it is to support injustice." Martin Kite Powell on abortion

Abortion and marriage are both issues that should be handled by the States through the legislative process. We need to focus on the Left using judicial tyranny. The Left combats that by slandering their opponents with the charge of supporting "State's Rights" racism. The truth is that the Democratic Party of the 19th century tried to defend slavery using coercive court centered means, like the Fugitive Slave Act, through the federal government. We need to keep our support clear for a union of free states with the laws made by the legislatures and the people.

If the people in some state such as Maryland actually vote for abortion or gay marriage then do not use the power of the courts to stop them. It is the basis of our security that the people are sovereign and create the law. To rely on the superior virtue of judges is as Sir Thomas More says in "A Man for All Seasons" to "cut a great path through the forest of the law." It would be better to trust that conversation and moral examples would convince your neighbors.

We should take care never to be complacent and to recognize that on some issues the people in a community might come up with an answer that while initially resisted might prove better over time. It is possible that a changed definition of marriage may be accepted in one state and then others may adopt the example. If that was to be done freely through the proper democratic process then I would have no objection.

My larger concern on the definition of marriage is not that it will provide cover for an explosion of zoophilia or primitive Mormonism. The real threat is by infiltration by Islamists. If the federal government was doing what was its job, protecting the borders, then that would not be a problem. Unfortunately, while the law prohibits issuing an immigrant visa to polygamists, we have been lax at keeping such people from sneaking in using non-immigrant visas. That is how Barack Obama Sr. got into the country. Permitting a changed definition of marriage will create pressure to remove the bars on open polygamy and open the floodgates to Islamization on a European scale.

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