Friday, February 27, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"A crisis of globalization"

Those who cheered on for the “humbling” of America are now shocked to discover that America was the ship on which all sailed across the stormy seas of Globalism.

As Ferguson did point out the US is most likely to have the institutional and cultural capital to weather this crisis without entering a revolutionary episode and therefore the flow of capital remains favorable to the US even while we are in crisis. If China can not find markets for her exports then she will need to find something to keep 20 million or more young men busy. What direction will they march if the worst happens? Russia, Japan and India could all start pointing at each other:

The impressive accomplishment of the Democrats is making us dependent victims of coercion by energy bullies like Putin. That is a neat trick considering that we have domestic energy resources that dwarf our import needs and that our conventional military forces, untapped growth potential, and superior demographics make us a 600 lb gorilla compared to Russia's paper tiger. America is being weakened as an act of will.

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