Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comment on PJM, Klavan On The Culture
"Misconstruing Miss Coulter"

The Ann Coulter dates Liberals story is based on her having gone out a few times with Andrew Stein. He is a businessman in his 60s who retired after a career as a Democratic elected official in NYC. He was the last President of the New York City Council before that office was abolished. It is of course completely irrelevant to evaluating the quality of the arguments that she brings to the political debate.

The most valuable function that commentators like Miss Coulter have is that they draw forth such vile abuse from the foot soldiers of the Left as to make it clear that those who attack her are hypocrites. You can see it on this thread. Miss Coulter's opponents are not commenting on her statements and considering the truth or context of what she has written or said. Even if she was wrong on occasion they do not focus on that but attack her based on alleged dating habits or sexuality. The purpose of this tactic is to stop debate. They seek to so befoul the public square as to drive all persons who would express opposing views off. Therefor they attack the speaker and not the content. This is an Alinskyite tactic.

The Republicans have always been better than the Democrats at controlling their fringe troops but the Internet has made the problem much much worse. Koss, HuffPo and DU commentators (collectively the Netroots) are now in control of the Democratic Party. The adults who have lost control and permitted BHO, Dean and Axelrod to seize the party apparatus were fools for thinking that they could control this.

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