Friday, January 30, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"The powers that Be"

On Samantha Powers.
Powers is the real face of Obama. The sad thing is that Jews are still emailing around the chain lists of Jews BHO appointed, not all of whom are really jewish, and hoping that he is really going to be OK. I hope that someone is around to write a good history of this in 50 years.

On the rumor that Obama wishes to change the oath sworn by the military.
Another name in Washington for a wild and outrageous rumor that is immediately debunked is a “Trial Balloon.”

On Democrats expressing outrage over the bonuses paid to employees of financial firms.
In 1819 John Marshall wrote, “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.” In 1960 Richard Nixon proved himself the smartest man in the room when he said, “I think that the reason that I voted against having the federal government uh - pay teachers’ salaries was probably the very reason that concerned Senator Kennedy when in January of this year, in his kick-off press conference, he said that he favored aid for school construction, but at that time did not feel that there should be aid for teachers’ salaries - at least that’s the way I read his remarks. Now, why should there be any question about the federal government aiding s- teachers’ salaries? Why did Senator Kennedy take that position then? Why do I take it now? We both took it then, and I take it now, for this reason: we want higher teachers’ salaries. We need higher teachers’ salaries. But we also want our education to be free of federal control. When the federal government gets the power to pay teachers, inevitably in my opinion, it will acquire the power to set standards and to tell the teachers what to teach.”

Now the government has created a financial crisis. The government controls the flow of credit and capital. The government has effectively forced the financial industry to take the government on as a partner to gain access to capital. Now the government demands to determine the wages of employees of financial firms. The government has and will determine what investments and loans those firms can make. The government is acting in the same capacity as the Mafia in taking over a restaurant or liquor store.

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