Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club "How now brown cow?"

On the bright side this is another good excuse to follow Theo Spark, for the political insight.

Theo did point out that the most useful “infrastructure” expenditure that the UK government could do but won’t is refurbishing military facilities. The most useful employment that the taxpayers could support would be expanding the military. Naturally those are the last choices that the 2nd International left in power in both the UK and US will turn to.

While Labour has acted shamefully in weakening Britain, financially, militarily, socially and morally, they are not the only ones to blame for the rise of the BNP. The Tories deserve criticism also. Like the Republicans in America they became so feckless and self destructive that they are no longer trusted by large numbers of voters to provide a meaningful alternative. In America the conservatives keep hoping for Reagan to return while the party leadership takes advice from Democrats urging them to commit slow suicide with a new Wendell Willkie or Harold Stassen. Both were worthy men but not effective alternatives to the Democrats. The result is that the party is losing ground to Nativist fringe elements among the base and to Libertarians as well. In the UK the Tories recoil from their own matricide of Thatcher. They swing between the anti-American Little Englander wing that like the BNP hearkens back to Enoch Powell and a Nanny State socially regressive aristocratic conservatism that was championed by Harold Macmillan.

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