Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Real New York

Today I walked through Central Park and saw people from all backgrounds enjoying themselves in perfect freedom under an American flag.
Also watching was a friendly and most unintimidating police officer of South Asian origin on a motor-scooter. As I said to him more people should see this because this here in Central Park is the real New York, not the alien mob in Zuccotti Park.

A beautiful Autumn day on The Mall. Locals and tourists all at their best.

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Pascal said...

Oh, c'mon. Who are you kidding. You took these photos from another age and time. Everybody knows that NYC is filled with 99 percenters. /s

How can NY remain so Leftwing?  I spoke with the younger, more conservative, of my two sisters, and she can't stand most politicians she says. (Wait for it). She thinks Schumer is brilliant. I can't even talk to the older Manhattanite. No effing wonder they can stand hizzoner and his placating those spoilt brat fleabaggers.