Sunday, March 06, 2011

Commenting Banned by al-Reuters:
Gaddafi says fighting terrorism,
raps lack of help | Reuters

Gaddafi says fighting terrorism, raps lack of help | Reuters

The following was rejected at al-Reuters, where my account is now banned from commenting.

The answer to Quakadaffy is that one reason not to be a totally selfish narcissistic whackjob is that by doing so you generate noise and might provide cover for the more dangerous threats that are out there. One reason to want the Charlie Sheen of Libya out is that he should have created conditions that reduce the appeal of totalitarian religious cults like al-Qaeda. If they are showing up after 31 years of rule by the Great Leader of silk robes and gold braid and his all girl security team then who is to blame?

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Disgruntled Veteran said...

Sorry to hear that al - Reuters banned you. I could not agree with the second paragraph of your posting more.

Quackadoofus is a slow learner. Ronnie Ray-Gun zapped his camels back in the eighties. He shut up for about six months - - - then went back to being his old, sweet self.

The uprising in Libya is long overdue. Mayhaps the "new order" will hang Quackadoofus ass from a gallows, much as the "new order" of Iraqi's did to Insane Hussein. After a fair and just trial, of course.

No reason I can see that the trial should take longer than twenty minutes . . .