Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comment on Althouse:
Chaos at the Wisconsin Capitol tonight.

Althouse: Chaos at the Wisconsin Capitol tonight.

The lawful authority in Wisconsin is in a very difficult position with few tools available. Between the media coloring perceptions and the White House controlling federal assets the duly elected government is not garaunteed to survive.

The breach of discipline by the State Police is most serious. They are no longer a lawful police authority. They are now a partisan force with guns. That makes this an Insurrection.

Does the Governor still command the loyalty of the Wisconsin National Guard? Can he mobilize a Company of the Guard and have them clear the Capitol? If need be can he call on the Republican Governors of neighboring Michigan and Iowa for assistance?

Given the current occupant of the White House an appeal for help under the US Constitution Art. IV, Sect. 4, cl. 2 is unlikely to work. It is more likely that if the Governor did activate the Guard that Obama would federalize them and then make a speech about Little Rock and the school house door.

If all else fails the Governor could call out the unorganized Militia, that is almost all males, citizens or lawful permanent residents, between 17 and 45, or veterans up to age 64. The term militia has already been demonized in the popular imagination by its association with fringe groups during the 1990s. Most people probably believe that the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh was an act of militia violence.


Anon said...

The same options as ever: call out the guard. Fix Bayonets. Clear the square. Outlaw all unions, the state democrat party, and all their fellow travellers.

We always knew it would come to this!

Lifeofthemind said...

Thought I had Moderation set to avoid anonymous moonbats. Three things about crazy revolutionary conspiracy theorists; 1. they want to create a criminal environment to prove they were right by drawing the punishment they fantasize about inflicting on others, 2. they believe that others will pay the costs for their disruption, 3. they have no grasp of reality and believe that they can always bully others into creating wealth for their use.

If the demonstrators and their enablers are preventing the elected government of Wisconsin from functioning then they should be cleared out. If the appointed Law Enforcement Officers are violating their oaths and disobeying lawful orders then there is a state of Insurrection.

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