Sunday, April 23, 2006

Comments on Peggy Noonan and LGF

Got registered today on Littlegreenfootballs so I could post comments. Submitted the following:

What's wrong with Max Weber? Back in the Stone Age at Chicago they used Weber as the antidote to Marx.

Earlier submitted a comment to Peggy Noonan's latest.

Subject:Re: Don't Wait, Calibrate
Comment: I suspect that Mr. Bush has a gift for being "misunderestimated" that exceeds that of Ronald Reagan. It is entirely possible that he has taken onboard the sources of failure in the preceding three administrations and concluded that maturity and focus were needed. The boll weevil like obstructionism from apparatchiks in the permanent government is being painfully dealt with. Indictments will hopefully follow. Without the unusual self control this White House has demonstrated this administration government would have collapsed long ago. Granted every leader can benefit from admitting a trusted gadfly. The best thing I ever read about LBJ was his comfort in having George Ball function as an in house critic. Perhaps the President would benefit from offering Ms Noonan the job but then we would all pay by losing the pleasure of her company.

Let's see if it gets posted.

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