Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comment on FaceBook, The New York Daily News:
A Christmas wish to end gun violence...

"More politicians join onto the Daily News anti-gun campaign 
Raymond Kelly, Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson and others say
enough is enough"

The right to keep and bare arms, like other rights, is more important than Kelly or Bloomberg's right to gain and exercise power. I do not get my jollies from weapons but I do know why we have that right. It is not so people can hunt bambi with a bolt rifle or shoot at photos in the basement with a handgun. It is to ensure that lawful citizens control the government. The juries police and military are subsets of the militia. It may sound strange but the people have the right to own and train on real weapons. The government, that is Kelly & Bloomberg, have a duty to train and help citizens to use that right wisely. People who can't be trusted with guns shouldn't be trusted with the vote.